Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Part Three of The Be

Finally, the last of The Be Attitudes -- a guide for the young (and young at heart) in sports media relations.

Now, at the other extreme, do not feel the need to overdesign. A simple ticket should be just that, an elegant, simple ticket. Resist the urge to triple click every font function (a reverse, drop-shadowed, bold italic headline) or to use every font. Your work shouldn’t look like a hostage note with 15 fonts and five effects cobbled together on a single page. If you’ve struck that balance between effective design and overkill, the reaction should be positive, but “they don’t really know why.” Subtle excellence that doesn’t beat people over the head carries the day.

This may sound contrary to the previous Be-Attitude, but it is important that you find a voice and style which suits your personality and talents. They become the signatures on your work.

Don’t worry, be happy. It will soon pass whatever it is. Keep a positive attitude. Remain realistic, but remember that sometimes it is your job to remain the last positive attitude at the Alamo. After all, it is only a game. I remind people who bemoan a big loss too much there are worse fates.

Anyone who’s been on NCAA probation knows this too shall pass. Until you find players murdered in campus dumpsters — true story — or team captains killed in car
wrecks, you haven’t seen how bad it can be.


Chris Syme said...

Love the line: Your work shouldn't look like a hostage note! LOL

Bill Smith said...

For two or three years, the institution in question actually adopted that as a "style". Well, we all remember who did it . . . not exactly for the right reasons.