Monday, August 08, 2011

Fun With (Internet) Numbers

Cleaning out some old files, I came across this traffic report for I post it here as a reference for those who still might think that it really isn't about content when you are the primary source, or when you are adopting (or forced by lack of quality media coverage) to become your own media.

The two men's and women's sites merged in July 2008, and that marked my takeover of the entire new property. Compare month to month in each year.

The big changes were increased content frequency for all sports in 2008-09, then in 2009-10 the start of more blogging and interactives.

Somewhere, I have the end of the story -- the 2010-11 numbers were another jump through the roof.

At the close of my run, we had an unbroken string of month-to-month comparison increases (you really can't compare say a CWS run June with a no sports operating July, but compare June 2009 to June 2010). That's 35 straight months.

Not bad.

Any more questions about whether or not it's the content?

Oh, and for those that want to carp "that was at Arkansas" and "you had a big staff/budget," anyone want to take a bet from me that the same thing can happen here at Northwestern State on the main university website home page and news bureau home page with increased content?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Ya'll keep thinking it's the marketing and the advertising.

We'll keep focused on what really brings people to the page.

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