Saturday, August 06, 2011

American Red Cross on Social Media

Not to be partisan, but Wendy Harman's presentation as a part of the panel at NCS4 had some eye-popping individual slides. Since it's her show (and NCS4) I will defer the posting of the actuals, but American Red Cross has new studies revealing that not the 25-30 percent I've seen in older (year plus) Nielson and other media tracking surveys, but a whopping 2/3rds of public EXPECT brands/governments/entities to listen to them in social media.

Let me repeat, that is a very clear majority of those you serve think you are listening.

Whether you are or not.

Let me repeat a key point of my own presentation: Get out your emergency comm plans right now. Dust them off. Check to see if social media is a part. Put it in there.

Oh, and her explanation of how ARC steered into the skid of #gettngslizzerd was priceless. Classic social media strategy. Don't think so? The ARC employee who accidentally did it -- check out her Twitter home page and short description.


Chris Syme said...

The cool ending to that accidental beer tweet: the ARC got a contribution from the beer company. Harmon is an icon in NPO social media--jealous you got to be there. An aside--the same week that tweet broke was the same week the famous Chrysler PR company tweet broke that criticized the effing-Detroit drivers. Their mistake cost them the account. Two different stories w/ 2 different endings.

Bill Smith said...

Oh, I know from personal experience when my phone was stolen - no really - and my mistake was having the auto posting from a text (NEVER enable 40404 on you mobile device) and the kids who got it decided to F the whole Razorback world. But we apologized immediately and quickly took responsibility -- unlike say, the former representative of New York.