Friday, August 12, 2011

Had to Grab the Key to Reality

From the previously mentioned Colorado study on the Virginia Tech incident, the academic nut graph:

The future of emergency management institutions will be operating in a world where activity by members of the public generates information on a far more expanded, rapid scale, with information production activity happening at even greater magnitudes than such (Palen et al. / Crisis in a Networked World 11) disruptive events already trigger. The reorganization of formal institutions is then inevitable, because they are based on ideas of centralized, command-and-control information distribution (Palen & Liu, 2007). One basis for that change must come from a fundamental shift in perspective—that large scale emergency response can (and will) take the shape of a distributed network of vast information sources and skills, including those collective skills and products generated by the public.

In more tweetable terms (apologies to Morgan Freeman:
Get busy livin social, or get busy dyin as the info flies past you

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