Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weiner and Sharing

I am reminded of the Disney classic . . . "a tale as old as time."  Digital never dies.  Once again, Anthony Weiner proves this, and this screen capture from HuffPo today is not as much about the lesson of not putting your privates online, but about how we share that.

My attention is on the nice five-spot share bar on HuffPo -- a snapshot if you will of how the readers of this article interacted with the news and video.  The proportions are not terribly surprising, leaning heavy toward Facebook as a platform and almost zero for Google+.  What I did find interesting is the desire to comment directly in the space, perhaps a higher number than I would have anticipated, and how dominant at this moment (captured at 6:30 pm CT) Facebook was over Twitter.

We don't know without tracing through the comments generated on Facebook pages or Twitter feeds to know if there was an equal -- probably larger -- amount of commentary scattered across those platforms.

UPDATE:  So a little more scanning around, here's another version of same from Mashable.  Regrets for Google+ (and any other platform beside the big two), but interesting how this piece of sports news (who has the largest total fan bases as measured from adding social and attendance) gets a near 50-50 split in the Facebook/Twitter sharing.

I also have a moment of Edward Tufte sparkline graphics with the "index" of how hot the story is.

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