Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watching Me

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the local Kroger store with a big Red Wolf window painting.  I did not use the word "Kroger" in the post.  No one in the comments said the word.  As a new resident to Jonesboro, I did get a Kroger "points" card, but I have not filled it out to turn it back in.

Today, my top sponsored ad on the right side of my Facebook page is for Kroger.

In Natchitoches, we had Brookshires -- no Kroger literally within 150 miles.

So why did I get that ad?  The Kroger sign logo was big in the photo -- did they read it off the image?

Social media peeps -- could that be true?

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gailkwak said...

I was thinking about this again yesterday... A few days ago I followed a link from a forum to a listing on Poshmark, a website I had never visited before. Now, my mobile FB experience is *saturated* by ads for Poshmark, a website I will likely never visit again.

Nothing goes unnoticed. Nothing.