Saturday, July 13, 2013

Facebook Art Faux Pas

Facebook evolves, and with the latest versions of mobile the idea of swapping cover art based on "advertising" or themes gets dicey.  Sure, you have a nice wide canvas on the desktop.  The new layout destroys that and puts the emphasis back on having a high quality profile picture.

Facebook long had rules on the amount of text content, but the new layout is more draconian than any suggestion to have "less than 50% text" in your artwork.

To that end, I've included an attempt to add some inspirational messaging to a cover art.  (No, not mine.  Advised the admin involved to not do this.)

While the key information (the word being defined, along with other chunks of data) is covered by the profile online, it disappears completely in mobile.  Actually, the artwork begins to work somewhat in mobile because almost all the text is chopped off leaving just the eyes.

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