Monday, October 24, 2011

So Far The Best Guess is Working

When the new Facebook timeline came out, my guess to our people was that the key to being up the feed was interaction -- likes and comments. That was based on trying to figure out what Facebook would value -- they are social, so a bunch of posts or a bunch of a kind of content shouldn't matter (that sounds Twitter or YouTube-ish).

So my instructions to those who follow was make sure you are doing the asks in posts, getting your friend circles to like, share and comment.

PRNews today chimes in with a link to this quick Q&A with Priya Ramesh. Guess what she says her key to being high up in the feed?

It’s engagement that Facebook’s algorithm calculates.

Read more on PRNews.

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Chris Syme said...

Yup--that old Edge Rank algorithm is still in place. But, the good thing about the changes is that those of us with fan pages now have a couple new entries in Insights that can help determine what our own followers think is engaging. With that new info, it becomes a little easier to see what they want. I'm with ya--calls to action needed.