Thursday, October 20, 2011

Resistence is Futile

Today's note was a forward from one of our Northwestern State Social Media Team members to the group, and it speaks very clearly to the "science being settled" on the question of social media.

That's not to say there won't be deniers, but it's a little harder for them to question the resources -- when properly planned and worked into overall public relations strategy -- that you may commit to social.

Brian Solis is well known as an advocate for social, and he provides the story from Fast Company that interprets the latest Nielsen report into a State of Social Media 2011.

Along with the provocative , Solis breaks down seven quick points (oh so SEO-ish), but one in particular for those attempting to reach the rising college student crowd:

60 percent of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. And, 48% of these consumers responded to a retailer's offer posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Who, I might add, is the "college student crowd"? Keep in mind, not only is the 17-year-old involved, but also the parents. With more and more people engaging with smart phones and tablet devices, you achieve that "three or more digital means" in a greater sized audience than the stereotype "young people" or "early adopters".

Also, the college student is changing. Many are returning students and "non-traditional" older students.

Down in Solis' story, you get the reason why he was so bold earlier: the demographics are booming in all directions. Succinctly put, this isn't your kid's Facebook anymore. Solis calls out recent media coverage on the Pew study that shows a 100% increase in the 65 and older. Gee, if grandpa Boomer is getting on, that's right, everyone is getting on.

All trends that bear watching.

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