Sunday, October 16, 2011

Facebook Numbers Say FB 1st

An amalgam of the anecdotal:

Aside from agreeing with me that the new Facebook GUI is terrible, youngsters 14-17 spend 90 minutes a day on the service. That's just a throwaway factoid in's entry on how teens dislike the new front end.

Go back and chew on that. One and a half hours, on average, on Facebook.

You're spending time making new website pages why? If you are like me -- marketing a university and trying to recruit new students (don't kid yourselves: regardless to which side of that blood-brain barrier you are on campus, be ye athlete or academic THAT is your business) -- that tells you all you need to know about any and all efforts in the social media realm.

Good luck, however, convincing the older generation of that fact.

OK, how about this one. Leo Leporte notes the total population of on-line users roughly eight years ago was 850 million. Today, Facebook claims membership of 800 million.

You are not wasting your time in the social realm.

Maybe, you are wasting it elsewhere on-line.

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