Thursday, June 09, 2011

Twitter Rising

Facebook remains the 800 pound gorilla in the social media world, but ignore the stealthy ninja of Twitter at your peril (talking to you who have recently thought you
"don't need" presence in both). Two major recent events reinforce that the concept of the short news message direct to individuals -- especially mobile users -- is about to leap forward. The first was Twitter's purchase of its last major external gateway program worth a poop -- TweetDeck.

That means nothing without Apple's addition of Twitter to the new i0S universe. Want a message to go out? Just tweet straight from the device.

Might add, the story link provides an interesting monetary reason for the move.

Thanks to PRSA for this story -- if you want a current snapshot of the Twitter user base, this is a great graphic representation. A crucial takeaway? 71% of the messages produce no action -- thus a band MUST make sure that it is getting retweet through its internal feeds if nothing else to begin to generate relevance within the Twitter-sphere.

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