Friday, June 03, 2011

Trolls Equal Bathroom Walls

Froma Harrop provides a new way of looking at unsigned comments online:

Like reading the bathroom wall

Kinda like it. Simple. Earthy. Accurate.

Now Harrop has her own agenda (BTW - try typing her first name with autocorrect on, good luck). She does columns and reviews, and in particular finds Yelp a disturbing mess.

Counter to my long standing believe in the people mantra, yes. Perhaps I should modify it to say I believe in the wisdom of the honest people, Harrop points out that more and more, anonymous posting is becoming a dishonest means of either marketing - pumping up your own product or service - or trashing - injuring others either for delibertate malicious intent or just, as they say here on line, for the LOLs.

Let's also be honest here, Harrop also harrumphs over the lack of more use of the professional reviewers. But the column is a somewhat evenhanded - if not somewhat personally motivated - look at anonymous reviewing.

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