Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes The Old Ways Are Still Best

Broadcasting remains an important club in the communicator's golf bag. As surely as you don't use a 1 Wood on the green, this New York Times story reminds us that radio remains a perfect means of projecting unfiltered information.

Reminds me of the public safety question -- should the weather net just be a chat room? No, just like a fire battalion attacking a fire, everyone needs to HEAR everyone without any interface. Same for VOA in this situation.

If this didn't remain important, why would Cuba spend such great time jamming VOA in the past, and why would China be concerned about that "old" technology of shortwave?

By the way, thinking back to an early post, chew over this line from the Times:

Mr. Isaacson’s solution sounds like the blueprint for a state-owned CNN: create a state-of-the-art global newsroom that would gather all the programming generated by the five networks and send it out via television, the Web, social-media services, mobile phones — even shortwave, where it still makes sense.

Is it branded journalism or propaganda?

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