Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Five Scattershots While Waiting

Render, render, render said the video -- here's a handful of links and quick thoughts on passing recent news.

More on Microsoft and why buy Skype from CNN. I find No. 1 and No. 4 the most interesting and potentially game changing. The phone improvement seemed to obvious from the outset.

Another note on the Skype sale via the PRSA emails and Fast Company. Good info, but I like it if for no other reason than the image. Won't spoil it for you -- must see for the old school among us.

Want to know what Facebook thinks you should be doing? Here's their own guide to Social Media practices.

I had a conversation with Scott Bourne at NAB about this problem with blogs, and count me with the Atlantic among those mourning the decline of wit in favor of the science of SEO.

Last of all, I'm still stunned about the events last week at Ohio State. If you're in the SID business and didn't see this, time to catch up.

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