Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phelps Learns the Hard Photo Lesson

Call this the start of the celebrity privacy backlash. It was going to take an "all-American" type like Michael Phelps.

From Seth Myers weigh in on SNL this week with one of his Really?!? rants to our areas state-wide paper columnist Wally Hall, there is a somewhat consistant theme: what did he do wrong?

If we take the whole marijuana is illegal part aside, why does Phelps get a pass where Ben Rothlesburger, Matt Leinart and other haven't?

Because we like Michael. Because he's his mother's boy. And he's beaten the French in dramatic fashion. And you know, he's a 23-year-old and he's gonna party like a rock star.

It is a bit of good news for the celebrity class, who should get a chance to have some space, that perhaps the idea that the anonymous photo taker is getting called out as much as Phelps.

At the end of the day, Michael, you might make sure all the cell phones go into the check bag the next time you want to cut loose. Of course, you've got three months time to work that system out.

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