Saturday, February 07, 2009

Last Hit on Phelps

It has become so routine, it's hardly worth comment anymore. High profile athlete goes to party. High profile athlete gets photographed:
A) drunk
B) stoned
C) groping
D) all of the above

And the pundit-sphere has run the gamut from arrest him to leave the kid alone. On the one hand, he's a kid getting paid big money to play a kid's game. On the other, half a century ago at 23, he'd be an officer leading men to their .

This is the part I found interesting. The party was three months ago. There's the abject lesson for college athletes and their administrators. This stuff never goes away. It took a long time for the images to wind their away around the internet to a traditional media outlet that would use them. When they did, Team Phelps allegedly offered all sorts of "incentives" for the British paper to not publish.

I suppose if I were the publicist involved, I'd be throwing everything at the paper to protect my client. To me, the disturbing part is the newspaper may have been listening.

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