Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long Week, Semester Looms

A week of consecutive home games and project completions makes the blog a dull place. With an open date upcoming along with pre-semester prep work over, I'll have come special posts on some new theory work to celebrate the 400th entry here.

In the meantime, from the frozen tundra of the SEC's northern outpost, here's one quick post to lay down a marker for a new malaprop.

After visiting Joseph-Beth Bookseller to scan through then purchase Sal Paolantonio's new book, "How Football Explains America" (more to come from it -- I can tell you it should be required reading of anyone in the industry), I turned to Kyle Kellams and noted in response to a question he asked me:

"Well, it's the kind of story you could only read about in the movies."

Halfway through the sentence, my mental on-air spell check was going off, but I couldn't stop myself. Kellams looks at me and we both bust out laughing. That stayed funny the rest of the night.

Now to just work it into today's broadcast . . .

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