Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laporte Weighs In

Leo Laporte, master of the new media and host of This Week in Tech, gave the closing keynote of MacWorld. Not something I would usually be seeking a copy of, but listening to Leo speak on WeatherBrains I caught bits and pieces of his take on the end of the "old media".

I've found these notes, but I'm hoping someone could find a full copy -- audio would be fine.

Don't want to offer my take off someone's quick notes, but my opening graph I think tells a lot about the interconnectivity of the digital media. While I take TWIT as a podcast, it was one of the great purveyors of new media making a cross promotional appearance on a completely different medium -- a weather geek podcast -- talking about his remarks at a conference.

There's the essense of mixing your media.

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