Saturday, December 06, 2008


What to do when you have made a mistake with on-line content? The reaction of far too many is to scrub it -- delete the story, delete the link, etc. -- rather than post an update or an correction. Exposing these, of course, is the stock in trade of Regret the Error.

I highly recommend this post at Craig Silverman's website to illustrate the need for updating rather than scrubbing.

The gist -- in a highly linked, increasingly transparent world, an organization does itself no good by attempting to hide mistakes. Or, as Silverman says:

This is an example of why scrubbing is such an unethical and fundamentally unprofessional practice. On the web, you can’t just pretend that a mistake never happened. It’s already been cached, blogged, linked… Wales Online and especially the Press Association have to make an effort to spread the correct information. That’s journalism.

Please taken in the whole thread, including an update no less.

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