Monday, December 22, 2008

New Fav MLS, and New Media

I'm intrigued with the Seattle Sounders, who will play 2009 season for MLS. I like the minority owner, Drew Carey (yeah, that guy), and the way he's bringing some of the interesting angles like the Barcelona FC tradition of fan stakes in the ownership. Liking the keeper, Kasey Keller. Liking the manager hire, picking off my man from the Crew. Liking the rumor of Theirry Henry as a potential designated player pick-up. I know they may have my son's allegiance thanks to the sponsor -- XBox 360. OK, that is a bit sexier than Gliddeon, who sponsors my Columbus Crew.

But here's an interesting angle that I picked up in surfing around to catch up on the Sounders -- the interactive of the team showing off the new stripe is a YouTube video. It's not from KING, or any of the other big name TV stations in Seattle. It's from the Seattle Times, closing with a credit for the video editor.

Video editor? At a newspaper? Yeah, welcome to the Brave New World that is the post-modern media.

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