Friday, December 26, 2008

SID Simulator

OK, how much can you get out of Hell's Kitchen as a video game?
My wife hasn't put down the Wii remote (even bypassing her beloved Price is Right new Wii game -- which is also pretty cool). The tart nasty is right there from Gordon Ramsey's faint praise and snide commentary. But the adrenalin rush of balancing the front of house with back of house and the strangely tense feeling you get from the stock Ramsey cliches (COME ON, PLEASE; You DONKEY!).
Want to get a good feel of what its like in the SID office on a late October weekend with home soccer, road streaming volleyball, a football game and the start of basketball season -- jump in on the middle levels working five tops and the back kitchen with three pots and an oven.
I need you to really, seriously, up your game, says Gordon.


admin said...

I found this game super addictive and also busting my butt to earn Gordon Ramsay's praise (just like the chef's on TV). I can't wait until someone cracks the game and inserts the real (adults only) Gordon Tamsay we know and love from Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares - I might find myself burning food and messing up service on purpose!

Bill Smith said...

Might add that when you get your wife involved on the cooperative (NO, you do the red kitchen) or worse the competitive (Stop taking the chicken bowl) it gets really stressful.

Not sure how far you've played in, but after a couple of levels, the bleeping is less effective. He drops at least two clear F-bombs.