Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'll open the comments while I'm airborne for home. Interested in feedback from other SIDs on the presentation.

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Kelly Bird said...


You are a visionary. Your presention was the most enlightening and interesting CoSIDA panel, since, well, your Photoshop panel of 4-5 years ago, in my opinion.

I am formulating a plan for change to our straightforward reporting methods that our institution can hopefully see the value in. It will be revolutionary in our conference. Many schools will be left in the dust for many years to come.

While I'm not personally a blogger or even a message board participant, I do see the value in engaging our athletics community in this manner.

I especially like the notion of enbracing, rather than alienating, the outside "pro-am" sites that are sprouting up all around us.

Bill, you are helping shape the next generation of athletics Web sites.