Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More On NCAA #HashHaters

I have nothing but kudos for my colleagues at Louisiana Tech as I show this photo from the Monroe News-Star.  This is how brand promotion is done in the 21st century.

The NCAA knows that because they do it themselves.  Every scoreboard carried their hash tags, social groups and websites promoting March Madness in the venues.

They need to tell their rules committees -- starting with football -- to concentrate on the games, and not whether or not an institution is promoting its social media feeds.

Or who, or to what level, they choose to make themselves corporate shills through sponsorship agreements.

I'm beating this issue in the ground because the past indicator is the NCAA is about to go careening through other sports and creating new regulations to enforce.  They are self-fulfilling prophecies.  They are a solution -- NCAA enforcement -- in search of a problem.  If an institution seeks to promote through signage, what is the root problem?  This seems like #HashHate from the NCAA.

Think this through.  We want more engagement with fans and potential students.  We need to meet the prospective student where they live -- and every single study I've seen lately says it is mobile and social.  Can a billion user accounts be wrong?

If this shenanigans with the football rules committee is allowed to spread, sports that need outreach -- like, oh, softball -- get cut off from the fan base.  And if they are allowed to stay in football, but not all other 87 sports, then we have another example of the national organization performing the unholy act of creating the third gender.  Was it Donna Lopiano's famous line regarding Title IX enforcement?  We can't have men's sports, women's sports and football.

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