Sunday, January 20, 2013

Social Media Training Tuesday

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Almost every university in the country is closed.

It was also the originally targeted day, according to Notre Dame, for the family to present l'affaire Te'o.

Let me quote The Chronicle, who had this from Kenny Mossman of Oklahoma in a weekend recap of did Notre Dame jump out too fast on l'affaire Te'o:

"If we're going to push these young people into public forums," said Oklahoma's Mr. Mossman, "we owe it to them to offer some level of protection."

Call a meeting Tuesday.  Talk about social media policies of your university.  Remind students this is their reputation, more so than the institution.

And if you need someone from the outside to deliver the message, there are numerous folks with ties to the field who can help.  In disclosure, I do that on the side.  So do folks like Chris Syme.  Both of us former SIDs.  I'm told the NCAA has a listing of approved or recommended trainers as well.

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