Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Marketing as Journalism?

Just when I thought I was heading to bed, PRSA hits me in the mouth with this one -- and it's one of those stop in your tracks and think pieces.

Branded Journalism. (and in 2010, and in 2009, and in presentations back to 2007)

Hey, does that sound familiar?  Only because I've been preaching that for the last six years in this space.

It's plastics, the future.  Once again, don't believe me -- read this.

In his overview, Sam Slaughter goes over familiar ground.  I like this one pullout:

The best-in-class, like Red Bull, have built entire media companies within their brand.

Or, like most larger college athletic departments ( back in the day, hello).

This is not the Adam Savage School, either.  Slaughter's quick:

In practice, this means brands need to make a commitment to honesty and transparency in the content they create, even if it reflects badly on the brand itself. Customers know BS when they see it, and a story or video that contains an unapologetic plug will quickly be dismissed. On the other hand, leveling with customers about a brand’s own shortcomings is a great way to engender trust.

As we've said, who do you want to tell your bad news?

To mutilate the phrase, either get busy with your story telling and transparency, or get busy dying.

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