Saturday, July 07, 2012

This Thing is Huge I Tell You, Huge

From the WOMMA Word, another eye-opening infographic about the fire hose of data spraying at us every day.  I tag this along with a column I'd re-read yesterday from the PRSA Tactics about "Practicing the art of 'we'" written by Robbin Phillips and Amy Taylor.

This fantastic infographic from Domo about Data Never Sleeps supports Phillips and Taylor's theory that just because the latest "if Facebook were a country" meme pegs the social service as more important than the entire United States.

Just because there are 100,000 tweets going out every minute doesn't mean that any of them are relevant to you.  Or to your target groups.

We all used the "shock" numbers for the last couple of years to bludgeon over the head the Luddites among us and among management who believed all this networked content was a waste of time.

Now, it's starting to look like the waste of time crowd was right, but for the wrong reason.

The digirati continue to struggle to find the "big number" that will reopen the magic budgets of clients everywhere.  Where is that Gold Standard of the ABC, Arbitron or Nielson?  That exchange rate that we can all join hands in the self delusion that that many people are really consuming our message.

When folks try to show how incredibly significant social platforms are through either these raw data per minute measures or the Facebook country analogy they are just repeating the previous model.  Buy this because the impressions per million are huge.

Engagement.  There's the metric.  Regrettably, we lack a good measure.

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