Friday, July 06, 2012

P.O.V. as the New Brand

Very compelling stuff in this screed by Troy Young.  When unleashed to do this, brands do succeed.  When they pull back the reigns, get jealous of the P.O.V. created or get nervous that the P.O.V. is too edgy, they fail.  Young captures this in about 500 words.

Young hits all the high points -- the fallacy of measurement ("the shame of our industry"), the supremacy of content:

The world is full of crappy content. At the heart of great content is POV. It’s what you believe. It’s opinion. It’s passion. It’s the special thing that connects people and communities. Remember, social is inherently personal.

If you are serious about your social, take five minutes to read this -- and then come back in an hour and read it again.

Young has the best 100 characters I've seen in weeks about the relationship between the medium (social) and the message (content):

Social is just media. Media needs to be fed. It’s hungrier now than ever.

Powerful gospel.

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