Saturday, June 30, 2012

Table Top Exercise

When was the last time your institution took its crisis plan down from the shelf? When was the last full review? Most of all, when was the last exercise? In the FEMA/DHS/Public Safety community, the term those of you in athletics or university relations should note is "table top". Literally, the principals that would be involved in an event sit around the table and go through scenarios. This is a little more than a review of the plan. It requires the creation of an incident to solve, and better ones will include injects -- unforeseen additional events -- and an evaluator/facilitator/referee. A requirement for your university's public safety side to maintain any grants from DHS, it's just good policy to follow the same kind of policy. There are dozens of companies that provide these drills for evaluation to public safety, and it crosses my mind that I can't recall any that specifically do it for athletic department communications. If there is anyone out there interested in having an outside evaluation of existing plans and a custom table top exercise created and managed, call or email.

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