Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alton Brown's Retro Social Genius

Freely admit this -- I am a AB cooking freak, own every book and he's taught me how to cook.

That said, tonight's exchange by Alton Brown with his fans is simply inspired.  After making a few TwitPics the past few days with Post-It notes on TV screens, he spent the entire evening interacting with his followers through a series of doodles.

At first I'm thinking he's had his Twitter feed hacked -- 30 to 40 TwitPics in a row?

After clicking on a few, he brings home an interaction like none I've seen lately.  Fans begging for specific drawings (do a hedgehog, do a hedgehog -- and he obliged).

So while it was Twitter, tell me, how Alton doesn't score a 5 of 5 on what makes for great social on the Facebook Five scale?  Even when he says goodnight.

How have you thought about leaving the box?  Something more than pictures or videos?  Please share.

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