Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How a Crisis PC Should Look

Following up to this week's CoSIDA presentation, here's more on the TCU press conference. The media briefing conducted by TCU chancellor Victor Boschini on Feb. 15, 2012, is a great example of how a classic multi-speaker, public safety briefing, is conducted. WFAA still has a full version on its website. Straight out of the FEMA Public Information Officer handbook -- a lead spokesperson (Boschini) that manages the event, stepping in and out of the frame as needed to let others address questions. Watch that little two-step of how he'll take a step back, wait for the next person to enter the frame, then depart. Small details add up to great execution. Whoever was on camera at the time got the key talking points across -- that it was a problem that was isolated to a handful of students; that it was a student, not student-athlete problem; and that TCU was talking positive action to remedy the situation.

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