Friday, November 25, 2011

What was the Point?

Certainly the display of sportsmanship might be lacking both ways - depending on who you were rooting for - but why did CBS feel compelled to show Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino apparently saying things you aren't suppose to have on the air of broadcast networks during the early evening time slot.

It's kinda clear what he said. The video was slowed down a bit to make it easier.

Let's quickly get away from the person who said it or if in his mind it was justified based on the outcome of the game and jump straight to the FCC angle.

How does CBS get away with doing that? On purpose. Not is a passing shot. Not a background shot. A replay.

Pretty sure George Carlin got rung up for those words. Bono said it too, and didn't that go to the Supreme Court on appeal of FCC fines for a live performance event.

SEC football is not for the faint of heart or ear. It's tough stuff, people, and that kind of exchange is a lot more common than you think.

The question remains - who in the truck thought it needed to be aired? I've been on the receiving end of that stream of words FROM producers in the truck, both as SID and as stat person. We are not talking about folks who aren't conversant with volatile language. Let me be clear, the guys that work at the highest level like CBS are the least trouble. You don't get to the top by being what we in the business call "screamers" - directors who think they get more out of talent by yelling, particularly profanity, at them,

This make the whole thing very, very odd. This is inside football at the highest level, and we will never likely get the whole story.

Which will lead to the next action, probably underway as I type, as someone in Birmingham is making a call to New York City for an explanation. You don't hang your broadcast partners out like that without some really good reasons. Or some really deep wounds.

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