Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nice Checklist for Digital Media Releases

From the PR News, a quick rundown of things you should consider adding to your existing media releases that are posting to your websites from Sally Falkow.

Falkow's top 15 (how fun, everything includes that SEO-driven number list) is a mix of the traditional (write a 5W lead, have a punchy headline that can be a tweet) with the networked digital (be sure to include video, PPT decks or PDFs of support materials).

The video point had an interesting unsourced factoid:

85% of all media Web sites now use video and many of them are looking for completed videos from an outside source.

My own caution here -- provide some broad options, maybe two links: a H.264 and a Flash.

Read more on Falkow's website/blog: Press-Feed.com.

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