Friday, November 25, 2011

The Experiential Brands

Regulars of the blog know of my affinity for the Australian Broadcasting Company series, Gruen Planet (nee Transfer prior to this season).

The second to last episode of this year focused on the strikes and grounding of planes by Quantas.

Gruen regular Todd Sampson said this about how the national airline of Australia solves its trouble:

Airlines are experiential brands. They are heavily dependent on staff. Staff motivation. Staff satisfaction. The focus needs to be go internal. The way for this to rebuild is for the experience to be great again.

Re-read that passage.

Tell me he has not captured the essence of higher education and college sports. We are all experiential brands. We are only worth what our customers thing of what they gained - either learning from the university or enjoyment at our events.

Having brand or reputation problems? Let me repeat Todd: "they are heavily dependent on staff.

Once again, I highly recommend you find an Australian friend (or proxy) to catch up on the series. Same episode gave some outstanding outsider perspective on the Occupy movement and branding,

The host, Wil Anderson, quips about the knock on the protestors having iPhones, etc.: "They are protestors, not Amish."

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