Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Good is it to Have it All?

Once upon a time, time and space had more meaning. Drop into the house, on the sat is one of my favorite movies, Stranger than Fiction. Harold Crick knows one song, and he sings it to Ana. It catches my ear. Is that on the soundtrack? Don't remember the name, but iTunes awaits. Nothing quite makes sense, so a quick google of "one song Harold Crick knows" -- yeah, longshot. No, spot on. A Yahoo! Answers query pops right up with Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric.

Consider that not that long ago, I could not just sit down and get the instant gratification of finding a song and just buying it from my home desk. What do you do with that kind of access and power? Seriously. It's no wonder we are a culture obsessed with now. It can happen now. It can be discovered here.

Perhaps it reveals both the attraction and the impatience of the sports fan. When you go to the stadium, you have certain expectations, but it is after all the only true reality program (or Speed Racer, the Grand Prix has been fixed for years). The inability to know or predict is what brings people in. But, when it doesn't work out they way they want -- both result and style -- the fan can have immediate gratification in the form of lashing out with opinion.

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