Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Social Media Customer Service, Advanced Course

Coming home from Washington DC and the American Association of State Universities and College's Communicator Conference, I noticed former Lady'Back legend, youth author and - dare I say - activist for good Celia Anderson was at it again.

Celia was helping someone out. Gasp.

I'm putting the backstory on as an image - courtesy of Celia - so you can understand where this went in social.

After doing the decent thing to assist Iona, she then decided to let American Airlines know about it on Twitter. Quickly, the script was broken . . . what is the team going to do when we can't contact the original person?

Interesting that one of my major teaching points at AASCU was we as institutions can no longer think that responding in social is an option - because folks like Celia (the 82% of those online according the the latest surveys, BTW) EXPECT an answer.

Notice the hour gap between Celia's last comment and AA's last response.

What would you have done? Serious social customer service food for thought.

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