Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Send This Link to Every Student-Athlete You Know Now

"This is not Twitter’s fault or the Internet. That’s like blaming Ford for someone being run over. This is people."

Truth spoke by enraged father Curt Schilling in USA TODAY talking about his online revenge campaign against the unwarranted assault on his daughter's commitment to play softball for an East Coast private college.

If you want to see the unexpurgated worse Tweets, of course, Deadspin has them all.

So far, cost the jobs of a part-time Yankees ticket taker and a part-time sports talk host who was a community college student suspended from school.

But the mind-blowing part of this isn't that guys say cruel, misogynistic, heinous things about famous (or in this case, the children of the famous) women.

No, it's that at least a couple of the haters are strongly rumored to be future fellow student-athletes at the college where Schilling's daughter was about to attend.

Let that sink in.

As the former BoSox pitcher himself said:

“It’s idiotic on their part. I know how hard they had to work to get there. They’re going to use 140 characters and let it cost a $140,000 scholarship.”

What was a minor Twitter-Meme among athletic departments late last year, just became real life.

Go.  Go now.  Grab your athletic directors, your coaches, your student-athlete support staffs.

Put this story in their face and dare them to think it couldn't happen here.

Because it can.

To my fellow blogger and father of a high school senior at 38 Pitches, kudos.  Take a moment to read Schilling's dad-rant.  It is angry.  It is in the face of anyone who doubts his point of view.  And on
many, many points -- especially how this kind of digital wilding can lead to teenagers doing physical harm to themselves -- he is spot on.

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