Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Politics of Friending

After spending Monday discussing the power relationship dynamic of faculty and students when it comes to social media, this note arrives in the email courtesy of Bulldog Reporter.  In the marketplace, the feeling is mutual, rather than directional.

While the focus with faculty is to make sure they understand the unintended power consequence of asking to or allowing selective friending, in the workplace, bosses aren't comfy being followed by reports and vice versa.  These numbers are rising from a similar poll five years ago, perhaps a reflection of a growing understanding of the impact of being social.

An interesting side item:  if managers aren't real keen mixing business with social inside the office, they are really not OK with clients or vendors "just trying to get to know you."  Check out the chart in the story on the response groups, and five good suggestions on office Facebook etiquette.

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