Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up

Been a fast last two weeks, and apologies to all who have missed this space. Some quickies before starting back on deeper subjects.

If you have not read last month's WIRED magazine story about flash mobs and they dynamic of on-line communities, you simply must. Both halves of the audience - the SIDs and the university types. As you get midway through it, and the discussion shifts to the way the crowd sees itself (especially relating the the DJ's promo become riot in LA) I'm going to ask you to think back to the message board driven events of Arkansas in the late Houston Nutt era and the North Carolina football business with Butch Davis.

Next, Joe Pa's early demise driven by social media and the desire to be first. Echos of Gabby Giffords. Much food for thought later this week.

Finally, can I just say again - !!!!! doesn't equal volume in social media. It looks childish. Because it is, especially when you can't stop using them all the time. This is Arianna! This is Craig! And now, they are going to do the perfect cheer! All those ! look just about as genuine as those Spartan cheers!

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Chris Syme said...

Glad to see your blog show up in the reader again. What a weekend--did you watch Gifford's resignation video? Inspiring. Looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on the weekend events...