Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Beautiful Two-fer Today

A brilliant pick-up on today about angry journalists venting about the future of their profession. Current and former scribes carry on about layoffs, websites and management at

OK, this is just too delicious. We constantly hear from the Fourth Estate (and the Leadership -- be it athletic or political) about the low-life nature of anonymous posters. They'll say anything cause they have nothing to lose, cowards hiding behind screen names.

Guess what -- all the posters at are simply numbers? Et tu, media?

The story has several rants on each side of the new media world -- joining in one one of our local columnists today who decries Al Gore's invention as the bane of serious journalism -- but one of the payoffs is accidental.

I have always said that one of the keys to understanding the blogosphere is accepting the fact that it fundamentally is a negative medium. No one goes on-line to praise; they only take time to vent. Snark is driven by bile. So, quoting from the story:

Since then, his website has inspired an imitator,, which has much catching up to do with only about 100 "pieces of happiness" compared to the more than 2,600 gripes so far on

Yes indeedy -- hate beats love 26:1.

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