Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long Time, No Rant; Well That Changes Today

2015 belated greetings, my friends.  What is the one of the longest standing lessons from this space when talking social?

Know the platform, don't automate.

From the "I Told You So" File today, a slice of advice on how to get your inner Taylor rolling.  The highlight quote from this DigiDay story (courtesy of our good friends with the daily PRSA email).

#EachSocialNetworkIsDifferent, or, learn the difference between platforms
The audience on Twitter is different than the audience on Tumblr, which is different than the audience on Facebook. This truism is regurgitated over and over in countless articles on how to achieve social media success for your brand, and yet we continually see the same content cross-promoted on brands’ social networks. If your social team isn’t creative enough to take one piece of content and craft that story differently on each platform, then you need a new social team.

OK, my bold and under at the end.

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