Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twitter Impact in the Political World

From Ad Week, the outside limit of response time to a Twitter outbreak: 84 minutes. Read the story to understand the reference. It is, for better or worse, the center of the political conversation, and it is transforming the way political campaigns and those who cover them do business. Toward the end, the article notes the growth of Twitter with a painfully dated number: 130 million active, up 100 million from the previous March. Although, I do like this nice geometric progression: It took Twitter three years, two months and one day to serve up 1 billion tweets; it now does that volume every three days. In the sports world. I doubt you have the 84 minute window. Take the Arkansas coaching hire announcement. Well within that time frame, team members -- not available to the general media -- were making their own comments via Twitter.

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