Friday, April 27, 2012

Video Killed the Writing Star?

More about that second most important person - the videographer. Oh, you don't have one? You will - it is a growing future. And you do - they just might not be trained to be that person. Why do need this?  Video is right there with a photo as a universal language.  Doing it well can be costly, but consider that  YouTube is the number two search engine, right after Google. Many people know that, but consider this other number fact. Everyone understands that Facebook is the largest social system in the world, and "if it was a country it would be . . . " is a standing meme. Right now, at estimated 800 million users Facebook is the third largest country. Guess who else is bigger than the United States? YouTube just crossed 500 million users. We've talked about ways to do video that don't kill you in time or budget, but look a today's meta event - a dad's commute video. I got that on my Facebook last night from dozens of friends.  What was I greeted with this morning on Good Morning America? That video. Not the presidential race.  Not the economy.  Kids gleefully singing along to Bohemian Rhaposdy. One of this morning's speakers, Amy Mengel from realMedia, put it best: "Can't remember the last time that awesome viral alumni magazine feature went viral" Are you putting your top efforts in the highest return? Or just on the things that make folks around you happy?

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