Monday, October 29, 2007

There are No Boundries Anymore

One of the best articles I've ever read about the attitude of people who openly SNW talked about those on-line viewed the non-on-line as not "getting it" regarding privacy. Between red-light cameras, security videos, key tracking, RFID chips -- you really don't have any privacy anymore anyway.

I'm not too sure I go that far, but this weekend's round for college football fun did reinforce that there certainly aren't many boundries left. Not being glass house -- those who have followed know we have had our own issues -- but the incident between reporter and coach's wife at Oregon reinforce the lack of a zone of privacy. The papers are going to report on all the goings on with a team, even when its a family member. And the reporters have to know they aren't so insulated themselves when the reports seem personal -- an echo of the Oklahoma State press conference.

It is a full-contact world out there with the immediacy and permanence of internet copy, something both sides should recognize.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time to get some sleep

With the 07 press guide back from the printer and media day over, there's a chance for a nap. Sorry for the delay in the blog, but time was at a huge premium.

Plus, many of the recent events that were worthy of comment . . . well it may be a while before we speak of them, perhaps this spring in the SID course.

That's the good news for now -- your humble correspondent gets a chance to fill young skulls with mush with a course on sports information. More on that later.

Next up -- back on the road to cover cross country at the SEC meet in Lexington. Joseph-Beth Booksellers! That's worth the trip by itself.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry to be Away, but This Can't Wait

Watching the Texas A&M email scandal while finishing our women's basketball guide . . .

Sorry for the long break, but this angle today needs notation. If you don't think the citizen media world isn't going to dominate sports soon, consider this move by TAMU. From the Dallas Morning News account of the scandal today:

The university temporarily shut down its entire athletic Web site and listed only links to various .pdf files so fans could judge the content for themselves.

If that isn't crowd sourcing your truth, I can't think of a better example.